domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015


The victory of Tsipras in Greek elections getting more votes than expected by the polls shows clear evidences that things are changing in Europe with the popular movements that were born due to the economic crisis, particularly in Greece and Spain.

The Greek have made a clear mandate to Tsipras; you will be the one to apply the reforms you have negotiated with European Union. Nobody else wanted to get this mandate. New democracy from a very comfortable seat will see how Tsipras approves all austerity measures that the conservative party never could do it. Because in this new Europe, just the leftist parties have the power to apply conservative and austerity actions.

Europe has in Tsipras his best ally. After long meetings, they convinced to Tsipras to do exactly the opposite he told to the Greek to win the elections. He said Greece will not accept more austerity; and if you compare the reforms approved by New Democracy last year and those ones agreed with European Union in this third package, the conclusion is clear. Trips has been an incredible high cost for the greek society. 

The situation is much more clear for the EU, because the main opposition is the conservative party, that will allow, like in the past approving all those actions that Siryza could not do alone to Tsipras to impose actions with a clear electoral damage. Tsipras will not survive to Tsipras.

Now Europe could sleep quiet because just a few small parties are in the opposition to the agreement and more than 80% of the Greek Parlament is supporting the new agreement and the reforms.

What lessons could be learned for Spain? First, Tsipras is not the revolutionary guy supported actively by Pablo Iglesias. Today he is a social democrat, part of the greek establishment. If he talked in the past about nationalizations, today he speaks about privatization; if he talked about minimum wage for everyone, today about competitiveness. When he mentioned to increase the budget to take care of those with more needs, today he is applying severe cuts in the budget. If you remember, he was going to reduce the tax evasion; Tsipras would get what nobody got in the past, Greek follow strictly the law, but today there were elections with mandatory vote. All greeks must vote according to the law, and just the 60% voted.

If podemos does not want to continue going down in the polls must change its policy towards to a more realistic one in the framework of the European Union. Revolutions are just possible when you are free of debts and charges; and today this is not the case for any country. We will see in the coming weeks how everyone in Spain assumed the victory of Tsipras as the triumph of the lefties movements, socialist party, communists, Ciudadanos and Popular party. But it is clear to me that the victory has been for the realism and pragmatism. Tsipras is the great master of the self revolution. It makes a referendum, asking for No, and the following day approved exactly the opposite he said. Then we can be confident he is not do anything contrary of the agreement and to the European Union, Now everyone looks Spain. Will we be the following headache for Europe? 

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